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Stunnel + AntiFirewall: secure and anonymous access to news
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(Note that this is an advanced topic and we do not officially provide any technical support related to the configuration described below. However, if you have any comments, corrections or additions to this page or if you'd like to share with other users of AF your experience with similar configurations, please let us know and we'll post them here)

Q: I have recently purchased antifirewall and am trying to SSL secure my news connections (nttps) since at this point SSL functionality is not available in antifirewall. So the question is: Can stunnel be used with antifirewall? See .

I am able to connect to my secure newsfeed, henceforth called, using stunnel v 4.04 .

I am also able to connect to my non-secure news server using antifirewall through a proxy. What I'd like to do is both at the same time. That is use antifirewall to connect through a proxy to snews:563 and for the connection to be SSLified by stunnel. I assume the proxy would have to allow access to port 563.

Stunnel uses a conf file and mine follows.

#Stunnel client configuration file


I'd like to be able to incorporate the functionality of antifirewall with the security of SSL provided by stunnel. Can it be done?

A: We haven't tested AF with stunnel, but it will probably work. It seems that what you need to do is create an AntiFirewall connection to your secure newserver,, in the TCP Map mode of AntiFirewall (i.e., on the second page of the AF wizard, choose "TCP Map" as the type of the connection). You may have to try several proxies in AF until you find one which supports port 563.

Then edit your stunnel configuration file so that it will point to that AF connection.

Instead of


you will have something like

connect=[port provided by AF]

Your newsreader settings should be the same as the ones you use when reading newsgroups via stunnel alone.

* * *

Note: The user who had asked the initial question reported that the configuration above did work:

I did as you suggested and it worked great!! Using a sniffer program it is clear that Stunnel is encrypting the packets and antifirewall is masking the IP address. Excellent combination of privacy and security. I would think many users who are interested in privacy would also be interested in securing their packets (to ensure packet integrity) and this combination, antifirewall and stunnel, seems to allow it, at least for nntp. I assume it could also be used for the other uses for antifirewall except FTP perhaps. [That's right; it is quite likely that it will work for other AF services, but definitely not for FTP - iNetPrivacy].

For those who would like to try out the configuration above, here are some links to secure news servers:


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