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Some technical details about the proxy database of AntiFirewall and how it works.
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Q. Are the proxies selected by antifirewall ONLY the anonymous type? The one selected for me obviously was as I checked it in my browser. But are all proxies that antifirewall selects truly anonymous (not transparent, will not pass the IP address) or do I need to manually check each one??

A. The technology used by AF is different from the way the proxy is used by the browser. Indeed, some proxies used by AF may be non-anonymous when used in the HTTP mode. However, when used as tunnelling proxies, their connection data don't have any HTTP variables and therefore the proxies can't forward your IP to the destination server.

So, in other words, it is not an issue. From the point of view of AF, the question is whether the proxy works as a tunnelling proxy or not. If it works, the tunnel connection will be anonymous.

Q. How are proxies selected by the program. Are they all checked for anonymity and then ranked according to SPEED?

A. They are checked for their ability to make a tunnelled connection, and then ranked by speed.

Q. Is there any randomness in proxy selection since if you have many users of your program won't they all end up using the same few proxies?

A. Yes, there is some randomness, for exactly that reason.

Q. Also how often does it scan....will I get noticed by my ISP for port scanning?

A. It checks the database (although not all of the proxies) when you make a new connection or when you change a proxy for an existing connection. It doesn't do port scanning, just tries to use the proxy to connect to another site.

Q. Does the program gather the proxy list from your servers? How does the proxy list get updated?

A. No, it doesn't ever connect to our servers and it can't gather the proxy list automatically. The initial database is included with the program. Then you can update it by installing an update from our website (when we release it; we'll send you an email), and/or, better, by importing your own proxies from the sites dedicated to this topic. E.g., from here: (by the way, when importing such lists, import both "anonymous" and "not anonymous" proxies - as far as AntiFirewall is concerned, there's no difference, it will just have more proxies to choose from).

Here's how to import proxies into AF:

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