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How can I check which proxy is currently in use?
How can I specify a particular proxy server for my connection?
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The information about the proxy can be displayed easily. Click the Change settings button in the main window of AntiFirewall; the first page of the Connection Wizard will appear, and at the top of it, you will see the current proxy. You can make the program find a different proxy by clicking on the Try another proxy button.

Assigning a specific proxy to the connection is a bit more difficult but it also can be done. In the current version you can do it by editing the configuration file, AF.OPT, located in the folder where you installed full version of AntiFirewall (usually C:\Program Files\AntiFirewall\). Shut down AntiFirewall, then you can open the AF.OPT file with Windows Notepad. All settings which belong to a particular connection are grouped together, and each such group has a title showing the name of the connection. Locate the connection you want to edit and then enter the address of your proxy server in the line starting with "B", overwriting the proxy address which is currently there (be careful not to leave any spaces). Then save the file and start AntiFirewall again. Confirm that the new proxy address has been recognized by clicking on the Change settings button in the main window of AntiFirewall. See the example below. Note that demo version doesn't support this feature.

Fragment of AF.OPT from C:\Program Files\AntiFirewall

# ICQ connection:
B66.124.168.138:80   <- proxy address
H05/12/02 19:19:41 (0)
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