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Configuration of Outlook Express - Anonymous Newsgroups
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In order to connect to a news server through AntiFirewall, you'll need to do two things. First, you'll need to create a connection to that server in AntiFirewall. Second, you'll need to configure Outlook to use that AntiFirewall connection.

1. First, you must create a connection to your news server in AntiFirewall. Step-by-step instructions are here. After that, the AntiFirewall window must look like this:

2. Then, you must configure Outlook to use that AntiFirewall connection as if it was the address of an ordinary news server. Effectively, your AntiFirewall address (in the example above, becomes your news server. Instead of connecting directly to your favorite news server with Outlook, you make AntiFirewall connect to the server first, and then configure Outlook to connect to AntiFirewall. As the result, AntiFirewall will shield your computer's IP address and location from the news server and the IP won't be visible in your postings.

In order to make Outlook connect to your AntiFirewall connection, do the following:

Open Tools menu in Outlook and select the Accounts... item:

In the Internet Accounts window, switch to the News page and click the Add button, then select the News... element:

On the following pages, enter your name and email address as you want them to appear in your postings:

When the wizard asks you for the address of your news (NNTP) server, enter, then click Next and Finish:

Now you can see your new connection on the list, but it's not the end yet. You still have to provide the right port number. Select the connection and click the Properties button:

In the Properties window, go to the Advanced tab and enter the port number of your AntiFirewall connection (as it is displayed in the main window of AntiFirewall) into the Server Port Number for News (NNTP) option:

That's it. Click OK everywhere. Now you can connect to your news server via AntiFirewall, anonymously. Note that in this example, port 7003 is used. In your case, port number will most likely be different; make sure you enter the right (your own) number, otherwise Outlook won't be able to connect to AntiFirewall.

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