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Configuration of mIRC
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In order to connect to an IRC server through AntiFirewall, you'll need to do two things.

1. First, you must create a connection to your IRC server in AntiFirewall. Step-by-step instructions are here. After that, the AntiFirewall window must look like this:

Setting up AntiFirewall for Anonymous IRC connections

2. Then, you must configure mIRC to use that AntiFirewall connection as if it was the address of an ordinary IRC server. Effectively, your AntiFirewall address (in the example above, becomes your IRC server. Instead of connecting directly to your favorite IRC server with mIRC, you make AntiFirewall connect to the server first, and then configure mIRC to connect to AntiFirewall. As the result, AntiFirewall will shield your computer's IP address and location from the IRC network.

In order to make mIRC connect to your AntiFirewall connection, do the following:

Select the Options command in the File menu in mIRC:

Setting up AntiFirewall for Anonymous IRC connections - mIRC menu

On the Connect page of the Options window, click the Add button:

Setting up AntiFirewall for Anonymous IRC connections - mIRC options

In the Add Server window, enter a description (it may be convenient to use the address or location of the original IRC server there), the IRC server address (must always be, which actually refers to your own computer and makes mIRC connect to AntiFirewall instead of the "real" IRC server), and port number (in the example above, it is 7003, but in your case it will likely be different, so be careful to enter it correctly. Your port number is shown in the right half of the main window of AntiFirewall):

Setting up AntiFirewall for Anonymous IRC connections - adding anonymous connection to mIRC

When you have created a new server in that way, click the Add button, and you'll be back to the Connection page of mIRC Options window. Now, just click the Connect to IRC Server button:

Setting up AntiFirewall for Anonymous IRC connections - connecting anonymously to IRC server with mIRC

You'll be anonymously connected to the IRC server selected in AntiFirewall. Note that IRC networks usually take certain measures to prevent anonymous access, and their testing methods differ significantly from network to network. Different servers belonging to the same network may also have slightly different anonymity tests and blacklists. Therefore, your task is to find a combination of an IRC server and a proxy server which would work best for you. Some more information is here.

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Setting Up and Configuration of AntiFirewall

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