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Do I remain anonymous if I click on a hyperlink in a news message?
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When you read news groups with a newsreader program like Outlook or Agent, and the newsreader is configured to use an AntiFirewall connection, then all connections made by the newsreader are anonymized by AntiFirewall. So when you update the groups list, post a new message or read other people's messages, all data travels through AntiFirewall and your IP address is hidden.

However, when you click on a hyperlink in a message, it is not your newsreader that brings you the web page; it is your web browser, a completely different program, that connects to the web site and shows you the page. Your newsreader is only smart enough to launch your web browser and give it the URL; the newsreader won't connect to the website itself.

So the answer to your question is No, you won't be anonymous when you click on a hyperlink. The moment you click it, you lose anonymity. If you don't want it to happen, you'll need to anonymize the web browser too. Unfortunately, the technology behind newsgroups (and the other communication means supported by Antifirewall) is very different from the technology behind web sites, so you can't use Antifirewall with your web browser. You can, however, use a different product, called Anonymity 4 Proxy, which was specifically developed to provide anonymity for web browsers. It supports all three types of websites, i.e. ordinary websites (addresses start with http://), secure websites (usually used by online shops, addresses start with https://) and FTP sites (addresses start with ftp://).

Please visit this site for more information about A4Proxy: Once you configure your browser to use A4Proxy, you can safely click on any hyperlinks and your surfing will be anonymous.

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