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Anonymity 4 Proxy for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP

Anonymity 4 Proxy
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Anonymity 4 Proxy is a special local proxy server (which you install on your own computer), operating a large database of anonymous public proxy servers located all over the world. This program stands between your browser and the Internet, redirecting all requests for web pages to the proxy servers and making you anonymous to the websites you are visiting.

It can also be used for other purposes. Webmasters can check how their websites look from other countries and how fast they load; system administrators can see if their servers are available from the outside of the corporate network. Anybody can avoid network congestions by using a proxy - you can quickly choose the fastest route to any site with the Check URL feature. Non-anonymous proxies are supported as well, so if all you want is a convenient manager of proxy servers, this is your choice.

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"Anonymity 4 Proxy offers probably the best fundamental privacy protection available"
Nick Smith,

Platforms: Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP
No specific system requirements

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Learn more about the technology behind Anonymity 4 Proxy

On the Proxy Check tab there are a lot of tools, which combined give you full control over the proxies! You can scan large lists of proxies checking their anonymity and response time, you can test their speed for a particular URL

Import hundreds of checked anonymous proxy servers in the full version!

The results of anonymity checking are displayed with many different icons. The most important of them are:

- default proxy
- valid anonymous proxy
- invalid proxy (bad response or Proxy Options criteria not matched; see below)
- favorite proxy

All proxies that are reported as anonymous() by A4Proxy are really anonymous, they do not transfer your IP address to websites in any form.

However, you may want to hide the very fact that you are surfing through a proxy. A4Proxy allows you to do so!

You can filter proxy servers, forming your own set of custom rules. Disable proxy servers which use HTTP variables/headers telling the website that surfing is done via a proxy.

Hide the proxy activity variables or use Keep-Alive proxy connection only. Simulate randomly-selected IP address to confuse the website log analysis. Change proxy for every webpage you are reading.

With A4Proxy, you have full control and information about its use, about the websites that are visited and LAN computers using the anonymous Internet connection. You can use A4Proxy to redirect and modify HTTP-requests to anonymous proxy servers according to user-defined rules.

Let users of your Local Area Network share the anonymous Internet/WWW connection. A4Proxy allows you to set up an anonymous access to the Internet for the whole LAN! If you like, you can assign each user a particular anonymous proxy on the Associations and Stop Lists tab (see details below).

Using the Browser Options tab, you can study how the Internet works from the inside. All headers of the outgoing requests made by your web browser are displayed on this tab in real time. You can see the content of cookies that are sent to the website, edit them or block cookies altogether.

You can modify any HTTP variable and immediately see how the websites react to the modification.

You can block outgoing cookies, and set the User-Agent and the Accept-Language variables to hide your real identity, with just a single mouse click: click the Set defaults button and default modifications will be created for you automatically!

You can form your own rules about how network computers on your LAN are using the anonymous connection provided by A4Proxy.

You can make associations between clients and proxies, you can block certain sites (for example, those from which advertising banners are downloaded, and get rig of banners on the pages you visit)

CLIENT Stop List - add here those client computers which you do not want to access A4Proxy. There's also a CLIENT Allowed List - an important security setting, which will not allow anybody to access your anonymous proxy unless you grant access to them.

Anonymity 4 Proxy - Add Proxy dialog

The full version of A4Proxy is supplied with a big pre-checked proxy database. However, if you want to have more proxies to choose from, you can always add your own lists. There are many websites on the Internet dedicated to proxy servers, you can look for them using a search engine like Google or Altavista: enter something like "anonymous proxy list", "public proxy" etc and you will have a lot of links. Be prepared, however, that some of the proxies you find will be non-anonymous or non-working. It is important that you check them with A4Proxy for anonymity and speed.

You can add proxies individually, one by one, or process whole lists of them in one go. You can also make A4Proxy download proxy lists directly from websites.


Download Evaluation Version

Learn more about the technology behind Anonymity 4 Proxy


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