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Anonymity 4 Proxy: Examples of Use

Anonymity 4 Proxy
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The apparent anonymity of Internet is misleading. Whatever you do on the net, your IP address is usually used as your "return address" in any communication you carry on. If you visit a website, post on a web forum, take part in a chat, your correspondent (or the remote server) can always find out your IP address, which points directly to your Internet provider and ultimately leads to you, not to your virtual identity you may have invented for yourself, but to you as a real person with a street address, a job and a family. Some web-based services (e.g., discussion boards) not just detect your IP address themselves, but also display it as a part of your posting. As a result, anybody on the Internet can try and hack into your computer.

Here are some real-life examples of how A4Proxy can help by providing you with a way to talk on the web in privacy.

Post anonymously to discussion boards. Discussion boards on websites normally detect and log your IP address when you post a message, which is not always desirable. As long as you are posting via a properly configured A4Proxy, however, your IP address is hidden from the site. All the site will be able to see is the IP address of the proxy server currently selected in A4Proxy. A4Proxy can also send to the site a completely fake IP address, confusing the site even further.

Send anonymous email without a remailer. You can use A4Proxy with a web- based email service like Hotmail to send email messages which are untraceable to your IP address. You can easily test it by sending an email to yourself and looking at the headers of the message when it arrives.

Post anonymously to newsgroups. From a practical point of view, newsgroups work very much like email, even though they are two distinct services and use different Internet protocols and resources. With A4Proxy, you can send anonymous news messages using web-based Usenet services like When you connect to their web interface through A4Proxy and send the message using their web forms, your IP address is hidden from them and it is not present in your postings.

Post anonymously to Yahoo discussion groups. If you post messages and reply via Yahoo web forms, A4Proxy will hide your IP address from the Yahoo server and as the result, nobody on the group will be able to find out your actual location on the Internet.

Avoid network congestions. If a particular area of the Internet is temporary not available due to a "network congestion", you can get around the problem by using a proxy. A4Proxy can quickly choose the fastest proxy for a particular website, often allowing you to visit the site which was unavailable when you tried to visit it directly.

Webmasters can check how their websites look from other countries and how fast they load. If you pay for web advertizing targeted at different countries (e.g., using Google Adwords), you can easily check your ads by activating in A4Proxy a proxy from one of those countries and then visiting the site with ads. The site will think that you are a genuine visitor and it will display the targeted ads to you.

System administrators can see if their servers are available from the outside of the corporate network.


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